BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL) can help a wide range of industry professionals, from across civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects.

BREEAM Infrastructure provides a framework to help realise sustainable practice across the design, strategy, implementation, and management of your project, as well as certifying this sustainability performance to enable communication of your achievements to the wider world.


Who do we work with?

BREEAM Infrastructure has worked with partners across the infrastructure and civil engineering lifecycle. Below you can view some of our partner organisations and explore the ways in which BREEAM Infrastructure supports clients, designers and contractors alike.



How BREEAM Infrastructure supports clients (Public and Private Sector):


  • Achieve long-term cost savings by embedding sustainable practices early in a project’s life
  • Improve reputation and demonstrate the delivery of environmental, sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility
  • Enable benchmarking of sustainability performance against a single industry standard



How BREEAM Infrastructure supports designers


  • Enable scrutiny of designs and processes through value engineering to ensure efficiency and sustainability
  • Ensure that sustainability is an important design consideration from the outset and that design decisions take into account sustainability outcomes
  • Identify and implement enhancement opportunities



How BREEAM Infrastructure supports contractors


  • Cost savings driven by sustainability considerations, such as reduced resource consumption and alternative material choices
  • Improving project management by providing a systematic approach to management within a framework of sustainability best practice
  • Increase competitiveness between project and contract teams

Project types


BREEAM Infrastructure is applicable to all civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects and contracts of any size or description. We have helped a vast range of projects achieve and certify their sustainability goals, including structures, groundworks, transport projects, energy, water, waste, and major projects.

To explore BREEAM Infrastructure certified projects, click the button below to view our case studies by project type.

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Collaborating Organisations

The idea for BREEAM Infrastructurewas born at a meeting of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)’s Environment & Sustainability Board in 1999. ICE supported BREEAM Infrastructure through the feasibility study and development stage via its Research & Development Enabling Fund.

ACE represents the collective views and business interests of the consultancy and engineering industry in the UK, and they champion infrastructure and the built environment to stakeholders and government. ACE was one of the organisations represented on the Project Advisory Group during the development of the BREEAM Infrastructure assessment methodology and Manual.

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), the representative body for civil engineering contractors, was one of BREEAM Infrastructure’s development partners and has been promoting the Scheme since its launch in 2003.

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is the professional body for water and environmental managers, dedicated to sustainable management of the environment. CIWEM were another of BREEAM Infrastructure’s development partners and they have been promoting the Scheme since its launch in 2003.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents over 150,000 civil engineering professionals in 177 countries. BREEAM Infrastructure worked with ASCE in 2009 to assist in the development of a US equivalent to BREEAM Infrastructure – Envision.

(Formerly Australian Green Infrastructure Council)

ISCA are an industry body that operates in Australia and New Zealand and promotes sustainability outcomes in infrastructure. BREEAM Infrastructure collaborated with ISCA to develop a sustainability assessment and rating tool for infrastructure projects in Australia.

Glenigan provide construction contract leads, market analysis, forecasting, and company intelligence in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Their exclusive partnerships with key industry organisations such as The Builders’ Conference and BREEAM Infrastructure mean they provide the most comprehensive coverage of UK tenders and construction contracts and the most complete industry analysis available in the market.

What our clients say


  • “CEEQUAL ensured that sustainability was an important design consideration from the outset. Design decisions took into account sustainability outcomes, and additional sustainability opportunities were sought and considered at key points.”
    - Ann Cousins (Sustainability Consultant, Arup)

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