Just as sustainable design and construction are important in realising sustainable engineering projects, sustainable operation is critical to make sure that high levels of sustainability performance are maintained across the lifecycle of the infrastructure.

Sustainable operation therefore enables the best sustainability outcomes to be achieved. BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL) supports sustainable operation by encouraging projects to strategically consider the product’s operation lifespan.


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Why sustainable operation matters


Whilst sustainable design and construction are important in ensuring projects are engineered to high standards, sustainable operation is critical in making sure sustainability is maximised across a built asset’s lifespan. Once an asset is completed and handed over, the project team can no longer influence its sustainability performance. However, by considering sustainable operation at opportune times during the project, project teams can maximise the asset’s ability to perform at high sustainability standards during its use.

Indeed, by strategically considering the use and management of an asset after construction is completed, sustainable operation can be achieved, enabling projects to leave a legacy of sustainable performance. This helps drive and highest standards, whilst consideration of operation is also important in achieving the best BREEAM Infrastructure ratings.

How BREEAM Infrastructure supports sustainable operation


Across BREEAM Infrastructure’s eight categories, numerous assessment criteria encourage consideration of sustainability at the appropriate times to drive sustainable operation. Explore how BREEAM Infrastructure encourages sustainable operation across the BREEAM Infrastructure categories.

BREEAM Infrastructure and Sustainability

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