It’s crucial to recognise that current Asset Maintenance plans, many of which were drafted four or five years ago, may not fully account for the rapidly evolving landscape we find ourselves in today.

BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts empowers you to:

Cut costs and increase efficiency.

BI Credibility Icon Enhance credibility with third-party certification.

 Foster environmental stewardship and set meaningful ESG targets.

Optimise investment performance and resource utilisation.

 Proactively identify and manage environmental risks.

Redefining asset maintenance with BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts

Revising outdated plans

We are currently navigating a period of swift transformation across numerous sectors, all of which are exerting significant influence on environmental, social, and economic aspects. As such, the plans penned half a decade ago, require thorough revision to reflect our current economic and climate reality and anticipate future trends.

Resilient infrastructure

Arguably, the most formidable challenge we face is the escalating impact of climate change. The increasing frequency of severe weather events underscores the urgent need for enhanced resilience in our infrastructure planning and execution. Consequently, BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts, with its comprehensive assessment method, is even more relevant.

Sustainable asset maintenance

This approach ensures that all aspects of asset maintenance, including strategy, management, and delivery, are evaluated through a lens of sustainability and resilience. Thus, it plays a pivotal role in not just mitigating the impacts of climate change, but also in delivering a safe infrastructure for stakeholders, thereby fostering a sustainable and secure future for all.

How does BREEAM Infrastructure work?

Step 1

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Trained Assessor

BREEAM Infrastructure is a self-assessment process, requiring a trained BREEAM Infrastructure assessor.

Step 2


Scoping out is used to remove questions not relevant to your project / contract.

Step 3

Record assessment

Following guidance in the assessment manual, the assessment is recorded.

Step 4



Your completed assessment is independently verified.

Step 5

Ratification / rating​

Once verified, the assessment is ratified by BRE and receives one of 5 scores: Pass; Good; Very Good; Excellent; Outstanding.

Step 6

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Once your assessment is complete, the project / contract will receive a certificate.

The BREEAM Infrastructure Categories


The Management category considers how sustainability issues are incorporated into the overall management of the project. It covers the principles of sustainable development and the management of environmental and social performance throughout the planning, design and construction of a project.


This category encourages proactive hazard identification, risk evaluation and risk management for the asset and infrastructure system within which it sits. Issues including assessing and mitigating risks from natural hazards, intentional threats, and climate change plus designing for future needs. The section considers risks to the asset and its dependencies and consequently the required asset resilience. Specific environmental risks resulting from the asset’s construction and operation are covered separately in Pollution.

Communities & stakeholders

This category addresses issues regarding the wider social and economic effects of a project on local communities and other relevant stakeholders who might be impacted directly or indirectly by a project’s delivery or operation. It covers initial and subsequent engagement and consultation on the proposed project through inception, design and construction – and how it might impact on wider community issues – to maximise the wider social and economic benefits that a project can achieve.

Land use & ecology

This category promotes the reuse of previously disturbed land so minimising negative impacts on biodiversity and the natural environment generally. It promotes outcomes that enhance ecological value through protection and enhancement of habitat in support of biodiversity whilst also promoting the enhancement of associated social and health value wherever possible.

Landscape & historic environment

This category encourages consideration of the landscape and associated heritage features within and surrounding a project site. It aims to protect and enhance both landscape character and heritage assets where present. Aesthetic value and visual impact of a project are addressed as well as actions taken to protect and enhance the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations.


This category promotes actions that address and minimise air, water and noise pollution resulting from the construction and operation of the asset. It focusses on carrying out risk assessments, developing and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies, and monitoring the effectiveness of the mitigation measures to maximise their outcomes.


This category promotes actions that address and minimise air, water and noise pollution resulting from the construction and operation of the asset. It focusses on carrying out risk assessments, developing and implementing appropriate mitigation strategies, and monitoring the effectiveness of the mitigation measures to maximise their outcomes.


This category encourages the effective management of transport impacts from all modes of transport both during construction and as operation impacts. Transport impacts considered include the movement of construction materials and waste, construction workforce transport, as well as disruption to other users of the transport network during the life of the asset. An emphasis is placed on designing out transport impacts wherever possible and consultation with the local community to create opportunities for an integrated transport system.

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The power of training assessors


Training assessors is a vital part of getting the most from BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts. Our comprehensive training equips assessors with the knowledge and skills to effectively evaluate all aspects of asset maintenance.

This ensures that strategy, management, and delivery are all viewed through a lens of sustainability and resilience, leading to more efficient resource use, improved sustainability, and long-term cost savings.

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Transform your approach to asset maintenance and achieve sustainable excellence


Are you locked in an ongoing battle with infrastructure maintenance, while minimising environmental impact takes a backseat? What if you could streamline your budget and combat the Climate Emergency simultaneously? Use a methodology to provide direct and robust control and influence over your own network, services and policy making for infrastructure works?

In the face of the prevailing challenges pervading local government, councils and communities need the positive impact a well-run green scheme can bring. That impact is economic and reputational as well as environmental.

With BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts you take control of your resources and align them with your sustainability goals.

BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts enables you to: 

  • Cut costs and increase efficiency through streamlined resource management.
  • Enhance credibility with third-party performance rating certification.
  • Foster environmental stewardship and set meaningful ESG targets.
  • Optimise investments through improved performance and resource utilisation.
  • Proactively identify and manage environmental risks.
  • Embed in tenders the requirement for contractors to deliver on your sustainability environmental goals and timeframes.
  • Create positive collaboration amongst projects teams.
  • Illustrates measures specifically dedicated to reducing and mitigating the risks of climate change within community infrastructure works.

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BREEAM Infrastructure and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn about the relationship between BREEAM Infrastructure and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Introduction to BREEAM Infrastructure Term Contracts

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