CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects.

We promote and celebrate the achievement of high environmental and social performance. In this section of the website, you can learn more about what CEEQUAL is, where it’s come from and how it works to support sustainable infrastructure. Use the links below to get started.


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What do we do?


CEEQUAL aims to deliver improved project specification, design, and construction of civil engineering works.

The scheme rewards project and contract teams in which clients, designers and contractors go beyond the legal, environmental and social minima to achieve distinctive environmental and social performance in their work. As well as being a rating scheme, CEEQUAL provides significant influence to project or contract teams as they develop, design and construct their work, encouraging them to consider sustainability issues at the most appropriate time.

CEEQUAL encourages higher sustainability standards, and rewards project teams that achieve this.

Where did we come from?


CEEQUAL was launched in 2003, originally developed by a team led by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), with financial support from the UK Government and from ICE’s Research & Development Enabling Fund.

Since going public in 2004, CEEQUAL has become the accepted UK industry scheme. It quickly became a world leader in this field due to continuous improvement and refinement. It is now available to all civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm works.

In November 2015, CEEQUAL became part of the BRE Group. The scheme is now operating alongside BREEAM, bringing together the world’s leading sustainability assessment methods for buildings, masterplanning, and infrastructure.

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This document provides new users with an introduction to the CEEQUAL scheme, including its coverage, methodology and benefits. To download, fill out the form below.

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