We have several tools and resources available to support BREEAM professionals and clients in their work. The tools have been split according to BREEAM professionals and BREEAM clients.

BREEAM professionals are the assessors and APs at the core of BREEAM’s community and success. Our clients are individuals and organisations utilising BREEAM to implement positive change within the built environment.

We are currently working on the development of a new BREEAM Platform. The BREEAM Platform will provide access to all BREEAM professionals tools in one place. We will communicate further details on the launch of the platform in the coming months, until then you can access various tools below.


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For BREEAM professionals

BREEAM professionals are built environment sustainability experts. They represent BREEAM within the market, gather valuable data and deliver quality assessments and insights, they drive sustainability solutions and provide insightful feedback and insights to continue to development of BREEAM.


Tools for BREEAM professionals

For clients

Using BREEAM as your chosen sustainability framework means you are joining an internationally recognised community of passionate sustainability influencers. As a part of this community, we have several tools to help start you on your sustainability journey and showcase your achievements to the market.


Tools for clients


The BREEAM API allows you to explore and integrate BREEAM rating data on thousands of certified building assessments across 50 countries directly with your own tools, websites, or software.

Access the BREEAM API

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