Over recent years there has been a paradigm shift in how the full impact that a building can have on the environment is viewed. Design teams no longer work in isolation from asset operators, and the industry is quickly moving towards a whole life performance (WLP) approach. Asset lifetimes can span 60 years or more, and as such the built environment is taking a longer lifetime view in its decision making.

The BREEAM technical standards have been created with this in mind. Our approach is to constantly drive the best whole-life decisions through certification to our standards. BREEAM provides the tools and frameworks to empower asset investors, developers, owners and operators to make these informed decisions for the lifespan of their asset, and measure and report on these outcomes.

BREEAM supports whole life performance by:

  1. Facilitating a complete circular journey for built assets throughout the entire built environment lifecycle.
  2. Providing a holistic approach to sustainability assessment across environmental, social and economic impacts.
  3. Providing a scientific framework to balance various goals and targets.
  4. Helping you to identify performance gaps between design intent and operational performance to support continuous improvement in real estate performance.


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Whole life performance in context

Whole life performance (WLP) is now a very important focus area for built asset professionals working in the real estate space. It has become very clear that decisions made at the design and construction phases of a building can have far-reaching impacts on the building’s overall lifetime from resource consumption, occupant health, asset resilience and resultant emissions.

By placing consideration of WLP and whole life costs at the core of decision making, the built environment can create better performing assets with a longer lifespan. Evidencing WLP is also becoming a key consideration for green financing options, giving lenders more confidence in their investments.

BREEAM whole life performance solutions

Whole life performance in BREEAM


Assets can assess and certify to BREEAM throughout their lifespan, from new construction to operation to refurbishment. The assessment process and end third-party certification provides assured performance and identifies continuous opportunities for improvement. The BREEAM schemes include sustainability assessment methods for:

Newly developed commercial and residential assets with BREEAM New Construction.

New Construction | BREEAM

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Operational commercial and
residential assets with

Operational assets | BREEAM

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Refurbishment and retrofit for existing assets with BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit-Out.

Refurbishment, retrofit and fit-out of assets | BREEAM

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Masterplanning and communities with BREEAM Communities.

Masterplanning | BREEAM

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Infrastructure with BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL)

BREEAM Infrastructure Icon

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New homes in the UK with the Home Quality Mark (HQM)

New build domestic dwellings in the UK | BREEAM

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Each BREEAM scheme is rooted in science with a holistic approach to sustainability, so the criteria and outcomes are carefully balanced to drive performance across environment, social and economic impacts. The schemes are tailored to suit different scope of works, opportunities, challenges and KPIs relevant to that lifecycle stage.

Train with BREEAM

Train with us to provide built environment sustainability solutions and learn how to support projects in achieving their net zero goals.

Our BREEAM training courses teach you how to use the world’s leading green building tool to achieve sustainability success. Millions of assets all over the world are registered with BREEAM and starting their journey to sustainability success.

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