Our vision is for a built environment industry that acts as a source of recovery. This is vital if we are to reverse the damage that has already been done to biodiversity. The sector must not just aim to protect nature, but restore it.

This means we continually develop standards to ensure meaningful benefits locally, avoid unacceptable losses whilst being transparent and ethical.

How BREEAM supports biodiversity:

  1. Developing strategies that restore and protect biodiversity.
  2. Aligning with initiatives such as the SDG’s to help apply high-level nature protection principles.
  3. Through nature to improve the health and wellbeing of building users.


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Biodiversity in context

World leaders have made ambitious commitments to protect the natural world in the coming years, including the protection of 30% of the Earth’s lands and oceans by 2030. The post-2020 global biodiversity framework aims to transform society’s relationship with biodiversity to ensure that we in harmony with nature by 2050.

To make this happen, all sectors need to do their part. BREEAM provides a tangible pathway for the built environment to apply high level policies in practice.

Biodiversity and the natural environment | BREEAM

Biodiversity in BREEAM


BREEAM’s strategy towards the natural environment is based on the following propositions:

Experience of reducing the impact of the built environment in 89 countries

BREEAM biodiversity natural environment solutions

Natural systems are inherently complex. BREEAM uses consistent principles that are applied globally to make sure that benchmarks are meaningful, while recognising local expertise.

BREEAM is ideally placed to provide global approaches from Europe, the US and China, customers across the world and experience from certified buildings in over 80 countries.


BREEAM biodiversity natural environment solutions

With increased urbanisation, ecosystems become more fragmented and populations of species more vulnerable to local extinctions.

BREEAM supports connectivity and ecological networks by encouraging stakeholders to consider the wider zone of influence, the value of wildlife corridors and features that can support local species and ecosystems.

Driving nature recovery with the built environment

BREEAM biodiversity natural environment solutions

BREEAM already provides a pathway towards ecological protection, enhancement and recovery by following the mitigation hierarchy and delivering a meaningful net-benefit for biodiversity.

Strategic Ecology Framework

Biodiversity and the natural environment | BREEAM

BREEAM has worked with stakeholders, including professional bodies and experts in ecology and landscape architecture to produce a consistent framework for approaching ecological protection and enhancement across lifecycle stages and sectors. BREEAM’s approach to the natural environment builds upon the Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF) to develop principles and evolve its approach to ecology across the world by recognising local policies and pushing further to go beyond mitigation towards a focus on biodiversity net-gain and nature recovery.

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Our BREEAM training courses teach you how to use the world’s leading green building tool to achieve sustainability success. Millions of assets all over the world are registered with BREEAM and starting their journey to sustainability success.

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