The BREEAM Platform is a user-friendly intuitive digital tool to revolutionise the capture and verification of environmental assessments


The platform will provide whole lifecycle assessment and certification across all built environment asset types to positively impact the future of the built environment, associated investments, and their impact on the planet.

It will do this by providing reliable and verified data into net zero carbon, disclosures and reporting, biodiversity, circularity & resilience, and health & social impact.

The platform will unlock valuable insights into asset performance management to constructors, developers, owners, operators, and investors.


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Streamlined sustainability assessment and engagement


The BREEAM Platform is an intuitive digital tool that will increase asset value, decrease costs and support ESG goals.

The BREEAM framework is driving sustainability in the built environment in 89 countries. Thousands of users’ expertise and decision-making plays a fundamental role in delivering and operating sustainable assets across all asset types and lifecycle stages. As international disclosures and reporting requirements increase, and green financing options gain traction in the market, demand is growing for reliable and verified data. The BREEAM Platform provides meaningful insights to enable smart decisions about the future of your assets and verified reporting on their progress.


The BREEAM Platform will support further positive change in the built environment by improving data collection, management, and verification, supporting client engagement, and delivering meaningful sustainability insights.


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Single BREEAM platform with modular product capabilities

Asset focused providing performance tracking, insights & comparable data

Consistent, well-structured granular data capture

Streamlined processes and functionalities

Client dashboard with insights across all assets and portfolios

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