Biophilic office

Interface sponsors The Biophilic Office

Biophilic office

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Interface, the leading global manufacturer of modular flooring, is the first sponsor to be announced for The Biophilic Office, the research and demonstration project which will show how biophilic design can create a healthier, more productive office environment.

The project, from BRE and Oliver Heath Design, focuses on the refurbishment of a 1980s office building on the BRE campus, and presents a myriad of opportunities for sponsors and partners to get involved.

Ed Suttie, Director of Sustainable Products, BRE, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Interface as the first sponsor for our biophilic design project. We spend 90% of our lives in buildings which means our health and wellbeing is influenced significantly by the built environment, and The Biophilic Office is designed to show how quantified improvements in productivity and wellness can bring rewards for landlords, occupiers, developers and all those concerned with the office environment.”

Karen Lambert, Marketing Director UK and Ireland at Interface, added: “As an organisation, we’ve long been committed to highlighting the role of biophilic design in devising interior spaces that boost the wellbeing and productivity of people using them. We’ve no doubt that the Biophilic Office study will provide the design industry with a wealth of quantifiable evidence demonstrating the positive impact of such workplaces on workers’ health and on business productivity. This information will be an invaluable resource for designers when advising organisations on creating the best possible working environments for their employees.”

The project is expected to commence later this year. Experts in building technology will evaluate the office for daylight, lighting, indoor air quality, acoustic, thermal and humidity comfort. The office occupants will undergo a confidential health evaluation, sign up to a series of on-line questionnaires and surveys and receive wearable technology to monitor key health metrics. The project will carry out a year of pre-refurbishment and a year of post-refurbishment monitoring.

BRE is seeking other sponsors and partners to join Interface in this exciting project. To find out more go to and contact Ed Suttie [email protected] for partnership opportunities.

Media enquiries: For further information please contact Linda McKeown, BRE, email: [email protected]

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