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Help to shape the Home Quality Mark

Note: This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

The views of industry and the public on the new Home Quality Mark (HQM), a national quality rating scheme due to begin operating in October this year, are being sought by HQM’s developer, BRE.

The Home Quality Mark is an impartial, 5-star quality rating scheme for new-build homes. It has been designed to give householders the information they need to make smart choices when buying or renting homes. At the same time it provides home builders with the means of demonstrating the quality of their homes, and distinguishing them from others in the market.

Extensive collaboration and partnership with the housing industry has been integral to HQM throughout its development. “With Government’s primary focus on numbers, it is left to industry to focus on quality, performance and standards,” says Dr Peter Bonfield, CEO of the BRE Group. “This consultation marks another milestone in the development of HQM.”

The version of the Home Quality Mark now being put forward for comment is not the final product, but provides a clear insight into the details of HQM. Open until 4 September 2015, this consultation takes a very broad approach, considering not only the technical details involved in house building, but also how homes are marketed, financed, sold and rented.

“Consumers need to be able to trust that the homes we build will work for them, their families and the community around them,” says Peter Bonfield. “We need to get the message out to the public that we know how to build quality, sustainable homes and create positive, thriving neighbourhoods.

The HQM consultation is open to contributions from industry professionals, representative organisations, those outside the sector and, of course, members of the public. Participate The closing date for comments  is Friday 4 September 2015.

For further information contact Linda McKeown, BRE, email [email protected]


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