Fashion and lifestyle brand Next use BRE’s YellowJacket software

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Fashion and lifestyle brand Next becomes the first retailer to use BRE’s YellowJacket software

YellowJacket, part of SmartSite, BRE’s leading health, safety and environment software suite for construction site monitoring and reporting is now being utilised by Next, one of Britain’s largest multinational retailers.

The health and safety site monitoring tool uses automated and adaptable software which allows its users to directly record and raise issues faced onsite, in real time. The software also provides organisations with a digital solution for managing and vastly improving site health and safety by supporting effective day-today management of safety and quality procedures by encouraging sitewide safe behaviours.

With over 500 stores nationwide, Next has many construction and refurbishment projects occurring at any one time and employs a substantial supply chain of contractors across the country. Up until now, the organisation used a paper-based system to audit and record health and safety on site, an outdated method which proved problematic as it caused issues to slip through the net, unresolved.

We were approached by Next In their search for a solution which would improve the management of safety issues and provide a better-quality assurance process. By adopting the YellowJacket system, Next now has an in-depth process for incident reporting and auditing. Furthermore, Next has taken advantage of the YellowJacket mobile functionality to help project managers quickly understand the status of health and safety actions while out on site.

Next Spokesperson comments; “Next has worked closely with BRE to integrate YellowJacket into its construction safety programme.  The system is now used by Next project managers to drive safe working practices on site during all development and improvement works. YellowJacket has been invaluable in auditing and tracking compliance with both legal and company safety standards, whilst driving a real sense of ownership and accountability where improvements are required.”

BRE spokesperson said;We are delighted to introduce and implement YellowJacket into Next’s onsite health and safety management. Working with our first retailer demonstrates the adaptability of YellowJacket in a range of industries, proving the software can be tailored to meet specific needs of organisations and focus on improving efficiency throughout supply chains.”

Part of a greater vision for the software and harnessing its capabilities, Next hopes the use of YellowJacket will extend beyond site safety staff and contractors, to employees who work in the 500+ stores themselves. By including employees and contractors from all ends of the supply chain onto a single platform, the software will enable Next to create a community where safety and repair issues can be reported on and actioned cohesively with ease.

YellowJacket is helping more than 300 UK construction companies drive real improvement and behavioural change with construction projects, business, and supply chain. The software will now help its first retail organisation to meet health, safety and quality goals, save time and improve performance across their supply chain.

YellowJacket is suitable for organisations of all sizes across many sectors, such as retail, infrastructure, facilities, hospitality, logistics and construction. It is ideal for any organisation that wants to improve its safety record, meet its quality standards and/or reach its environmental targets.

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