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CALA achieves BRE first for UK housebuilders

Note: This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

CALA Group has become the first national housebuilder to have junction details certified under the new BRE Global Certification Scheme which aims to reduce the level of thermal bridging that can occur in homes.

The certified thermal details and products scheme enables housebuilders to demonstrate to customers that their designs and specified products meet the appropriate performance standards. The scheme also takes account of the potential risk of surface condensation and mould growth on inside surface areas, which can have significant health implications for occupants, in some cases leading to asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses.

Director of BRE Scotland Rufus Logan notes ‘CALA is to be applauded on its commitment to ensuring the highest standard of homes for customers and we would urge other UK housebuilders to follow their lead. Tougher legislation and rising energy prices have encouraged increased use of insulation in walls, roofs and floors which is a positive step towards reducing heat losses. However, we need to ensure that the increased levels of insulation give the best return on investment by reducing the incidence of heat escaping through thermal bridges and ensuring that damp and mould do not occur’

The certified termal dtails and products sceme detail database will be accessible in SAP 2016 software and referenced within the Home Quality Mark to enable designers and housebuilders to utilise certified details within these assessments, which will enable assessors to more accurately assess the performance of the building and help to close the performance gap. The scheme database allows users to search a range of accurate and independently assessed thermal junction details, products and elements, ensuring accuracy, consistency, credibility and quality throughout the design and specification process.

Scheme Technical Manager Graeme Hannah adds ‘Scheme certification, is a significant step forward in tackling an important issue within building performance that is often overlooked. Our scheme builds on Government Accredited Construction Details, by providing the industry with a wider range of accurate and independently assessed, readily accessible and searchable performance values in which they can have confidence.’

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BRE Global is an independent, third-party approvals organisation, offering certification of products, services and systems to an international market. Our testing and approvals are carried out by recognised experts in world-class facilities. BRE Global is part of the BRE Trust, the largest UK charity dedicated specifically to research and education in the built environment.

The Home Quality Mark has been created to serve the UK’s house builders and the householders who buy and rent new homes. It will help house builders to demonstrate the high quality of their homes and to differentiate them in the marketplace. At the same time, it will give householders the confidence that the new homes they are choosing to buy or rent are well designed and built, and cost effective to run. The Home Quality Mark will do this by providing impartial information from independent experts on a new home’s quality. It clearly indicates to householders the overall expected costs, health and wellbeing benefits, and environmental footprint associated with living in the home. Developed by BRE, the UK’s leading building science centre, the Home Quality Mark is based on years of building standards experience, and is part of the successful BREEAM family of quality and sustainability standards.