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BRE SiteSmart is the data and resource hub for the smart construction industry

Note: This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

Launched at Digital Construction Week is BRE’s new SiteSmart , a web brand encompassing BRE’s successful digital tools, SmartWaste, YellowJacket and the recently launched process improvement tool; helping organisations monitor, and report on health, safety, process and environmental information. SiteSmart will enable construction sites to continuously improve, leading to changes in behaviour and increased project profitability.

Having gained feedback from existing users and other industry stakeholders, the SiteSmart team have developed the brand to include these tools, with more being developed soon, in addition to information and links to vital training, publications and industry-wide statistics – all in one place.

Developed to meets the needs of the construction industry, the new site furthers an organisation’s journey into the digital world whilst helping companies in the sector improve performance.

‘Safety, knowledge, efficiency, and sustainability are the heart of any successful construction project, said Director of BRE’s Building Futures Group, Simon Cross.

‘By bringing all these aspects together online accessible from anywhere at any given time, we aim to maximise progress and opportunities for our clients. Smart technology is already here, and we are helping the industry to use it in a smart way.’

Already developing the next new data tool with industry partners and clients, SiteSmart is poised to expand, supporting construction professionals in improving their own and their company performance even further – keeping everything all in one place.

Press enquiries: Peter White, BRE Press Office T 0333 321 8811 E [email protected]

Notes for editors

BRE championed the Digital Construction Week event as Digital Knowledge Partner, where three of its specialists addressed some of the key high-value tools, systems and solutions across digital technology and innovation.

Paul Oakley, Stuart Blofeld and Pauline Traetto shared expert knowledge on the SMEs’ uptake of BIM, digital waste management tools, and the long debated industry skills gap.
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