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BRE Academy announces BIM for clients training

Note: This press release is over six months old and the details may have been superseded. Please contact the Press Office for the latest information.

The BRE Academy has announced dates for a new BIM course aimed at helping public and private sector clients who procure buildings and infrastructure, strategically implement and exploit the benefits of BIM throughout every stage of a project’s lifecycle and deliver value to their business.

Following on from the government’s recent mandate on the use of BIM level 2 on all public sector projects, this face to face training is designed to give construction clients a firm grounding in BIM and all the processes, procedures, terminology and work actions it involves so they can efficiently procure, construct and manage their assets andget the best outcomes for their projects.

BRE Academy Director Pauline Traetto said ’To date BIM training has focused on the supply chain – the architects, engineers and contractors involved with designing and constructing buildings and infrastructure but actually it’s critical that clients  – who are responsible for procuring over £80 billion worth of buildings and infrastructure every year – better understand BIM because they can use it to influence the supply chain, deliver projects more effectively and efficiently and in the process become better clients’

Focussed on BIM Level 2 compliance, this two day classroom course is structured to encourage learning through practical examples and case studies. It covers

  • BIM business drivers and outcomes
  • HMG Government construction strategy and BIM Level 2
  • Organisation, asset, & project information requirements
  • Government soft landings
  • Commercial and procurement considerations, employers information requirements
  • BIM execution plan assessment & contract award
  • Review and authorisation of the common data environment (CDE) information

The first course takes place 13 & 14 October at BRE in Watford. On completion, course attendees will have the option to take further BIM proficiency training with the BRE Academy or become members of its BIM network group.

The BRE Academy is the UKs leading provider of accredited courses on BIM. It’s face to face and online BIM courses are devised by world leading experts in the field.

For further information please contact Linda McKeown, BRE, email [email protected].


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