Commercial partnerships

BRE owns many successful products and services that are well known and trusted in the built environment industries. These range from tools for improving sustainability, reducing waste, raising safety standards and enhancing security, to BIM services, network membership, training course delivery – and much more.

Under our Commercial Partnerships Programme, national and international partners can promote and sell, through a range of partnership agreements, BRE products and services.

Your company may, for instance, have access to new or underexploited markets, territories or countries in which you could deliver BRE products and services under such agreements. For example, our training arm – the BRE Academy – offers franchises to partners who can demonstrate their ability to deliver classroom-based and online BRE Training courses to a sufficiently high standard.

Further details of BRE products and services offering potential business opportunities are listed below. The forms of agreements under which they are offered to partners are as follows:

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Reseller agreements
BRE operates a number of Reseller agreements in which strategic partners are contracted to sell BRE goods and services for an agreed fee.

License agreements
License agreements provide our partners with opportunities to use, sell and distribute BRE software, products and services for an agreed period of time, and to negotiated financial terms.

BRE has, over many years, entered into a number of agreements in which we have worked with partners to develop and deliver commercial opportunities – sharing the rewards equitably.

Opportunities to work with BRE in a franchise capacity are available across a large number of products and services in BRE’s portfolio, in selected geographic locations.

White Label
We are currently developing a White Label instrument to enable partners to deliver selected products as part of their own portfolios.

Constructing Excellence

Networks, memberships – Constructing Excellence
The Constructing Excellence network provides a platform for industry improvement and the delivery of excellence. Expertise and knowledge is shared by clients, industry and users through collaborative working.

Constructing Excellence

Knowledge, training, career development
The BRE Academy is the leading training provider for the built environment. It is the go-to online and classroom training, knowledge and expertise centre.

BRE Academy

BIM – Certification, software, and services
BIM helps to ensure the provision of clear, accurate and complete information during and after construction. This and other digital tools help to reduce cost, lead times and errors, and improve efficiency.


Performance and safety
SmartSite, the data and information hub for the construction industry, helps to you improve site performance using information, smart ways of working, transparent solutions, digital instant controls, and overall assurance.



Sustainability certification of buildings, communities and infrastructure
BREEAM is the trusted mark of sustainability in over 70 countries around the world. It can empower those who commission, design, construct and manage buildings, infrastructure and communities to achieve their sustainability goals.


Sustainability certification of civil engineering projects
CEEQUAL is the sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering. Promoting and celebrating the achievement of high environmental and social performance in civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects.


Sustainability certification of homes
The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is the badge of a better home. It enables house builders to showcase the quality of their homes, and to distinguish them from other houses on the market.

Home Quality Mark

Ethical sourcing – labour standards and supply chains
The Ethical Labour Sourcing (ELS) standard has been created for those seeking third-party assurance of their responsible and ethical business practices, and to provide a maturity pathway to make improvements continuously.

Ethical Labour Sourcing

Enhancing security performance – SABRE
SABRE is a way of impartially measuring and evaluating the security of a building or infrastructure facility, against a range of potential threats. It awards an independent security risk management rating – a SABRE Assurance Rating.


BRE Innovation Park Network

Innovation – the BRE Innovation Park Network
The Innovation Park Network was established to inform sustainable development at a global level, and to stimulate innovation in the built environment. It includes parks in the UK and China, with further facilities being developed in Brazil and Canada. There are considerable partnership opportunities in extending the UK Parks or establishing new parks overseas.

Innovation Parks