Kirsten Lord

Position: Director, People and Change
Categories: BRE Group Executive Team

Kirsten works with the Board and Executive Team to agree a holistic view of the strategic development of BRE, ensuring a common understanding of our vision and direction and agreement on priorities. Her role fosters strategic thinking, supporting the Board in planning the strategic direction and the Executive team in maintaining big picture focus whilst delivering transformation across key areas of the business. The role is responsible for assembling the programme of strategic projects, ensuring that individually and as a whole they deliver progress towards achieving our vision and long-term goals.

An experienced HR professional and business leader, Kirsten’s previous experience has been gained within hospitality, FMCG, logistics and professional services. Having been a member of leadership teams within large corporate brands as well as smaller, entrepreneurial ventures a common focus for each role has been on delivering change, transformation and growth.  Prior to joining BRE Kirsten held a Board position with Prime Hotels Ltd, as the HR Director.  Her concern for the wellbeing of people and interest in behavioural psychology, influences the design of transformational programmes she leads, ensuring these factors are considered alongside all other benefits of change initiatives.