Media and Stakeholder Communications


We provide corporate information through a number of both traditional media and digital – eg websites and social media – channels. We must ensure that all our communications are accurate and truthful, reflect BRE’s beliefs and values, and affirm our corporate credibility.

You should never communicate on behalf of BRE if you are not properly authorised to do so. All media queries should be referred to Marketing and Communications. You may be permitted or encouraged to comment on technical matters in your normal area of expertise.

For example:

Q: A journalist asks you questions about a possible business acquisition. You know that BRE successfully concluded negotiations regarding the acquisition earlier this week, but the information is not yet in the public domain. You think that talking to the media would help raise BRE’s profile and boost our corporate image.

Should you respond to the journalist’s inquiry?

A: NO. You should respond to media inquiries only if you have express permission to do so. You should talk to your Line Manager and the Marketing team before speaking to the journalist. They will help you determine if it is appropriate to disclose information on this occasion and, if so, give guidance on doing so.

The BRE brand

All our brands and brand collateral like logos, company stationery, report, proposal and presentation templates, displays, leaflets, posters, websites and other graphics are governed by brand guidelines which are controlled by the Marketing team. Development of all new brand related materials must be referred to Marketing in the first instance. Existing branded materials and tools should not be altered without permission. BRE’s logos or marks should not be released to third parties without prior consent of Marketing as per the BRE Brand Guidelines.

Dos and Don’ts:


  • Engage in political processes in your own time using your own resources.
  • Make it clear that the views you express are your own and do not represent those of the company.
  • Respond to media inquiries only if you are properly authorised to do so.
  • Obtain clearance from your Line Manager before agreeing to represent BRE at public events.
  • Think carefully about what you say and how you behave at meetings, other public events or when using social media channels, to avoid adversely affecting the company’s interests and image


  • Deliberately make misleading, false or inaccurate statements on behalf of BRE.
  • Express personal views in a way that may be interpreted as representing the company’s views, e.g. on a personal blog or website.
  • Use company property or equipment to conduct or support any personal political activities.
  • Make political statements or engage in political or public policy activity on behalf of BRE unless you are properly authorised to do so.
  • Say or write things that may tarnish BRE’s reputation.
  • Respond to the media, regulators, government agencies or other external enquiries without permission.