Established in 1949 to support post war reconstruction and to establish better Scottish Building Standards, BRE Scotland now helps clients successfully meet the challenges they face in delivering a better built environment.

Sustainable development – supporting organisations to design and deliver projects that are highly sustainable, using the full range of BRE’s sustainability tools

Energy –  performance of buildings and materials –

  • combating fuel poverty,
  • helping minimise green house gas emissions from Scotland’s building stock through improved design and application of new renewable technologies and control systems
  • Thermal modelling
  • SAP & SBEM

Construction advisory services –  offering advice and testing  on all issues concerning new build and maintenance, including

Technical appraisal of defect and problem investigation (including building fabric, concrete, glass/glazing, internal finishes).

Resilience – undertaking research and consultancy related to the resilience of the built environment, addressing issues such as climate, flooding, energy, resources and disaster management.  BRE’s Centre for Resilience is working across a range of issues with partners in government and industry.

Corporate – supporting organisations to recognise, measure and achieve their corporate social responsibilities with regards meeting energy and emissions targets, productivity improvement and responsible sourcing.

Training – bespoke training on energy, construction, flood resilience, theral performance and sustainability, including regulatory issues; ongoing delivery of ACD scheme management and training services.

Partnering – with Scottish research and educational institutions to grow our research and innovation activity

Innovation – BRE Scotland are well placed to assist innovators in meeting the needs of the future industry. Guidance on legislation and certification, technical & market appraisal testing and R&D.

BRE offer independent advisory services on a number of issues concerning building services, systems, installations and components and their performance in situ.

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In this section

Energy with BRE Scotland

At BRE Scotland our energy team have expertise to help ensure our clients receive the right advice on creating the optimal energy performance on their projects whether during project brief development, design, construction or operational phases.

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Construction with BRE Scotland

BRE Scotland has for over 60 years been involved in the investigation of building materials, components and whole structures. We provide a service that meets the needs of the client by drawing on many years of research and practical based expertise.

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Training with BRE Scotland

BRE Scotland’s training division offers practical skills leading to opportunities in the Green Economy and more.

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