Resilience Energy Technology Ltd

Resilience aims to become the Uber of the electricity industry, turning UK homes into personal power stations by enabling homeowners to produce, store and sell renewable energy via a managed service and app. Homeowners can cut their electricity bills by up to 80% and become energy self-sufficient


Water Solutions

Water Solutions has been trading since 1998, and introduced a unique patented Water Free Urinal System to the UK. The company installs and services their products across all business sectors, including Education, Retail, Offices and National contracts for several Service Stations, all of who wish to reduce their Carbon Footprint and the impact on the … Continue reading “Water Solutions”


Encore cistern

How does it work? The Encore cistern works in exactly the same way as a traditional cistern with the exception that is has an extra filling connection to allow a separate water source to be introduced (from the air conditioning unit). Some key benefits first to use air-conditioning condensate to deliver free flushing water This … Continue reading “Encore cistern”



Ecodek have been manufacturing a range of decking products since 2004. The ecodek® material is specifically developed from an innovative high quality Wood Polymer Composite material. Ecodek produced over 1 million linear metres of decking in 2017, consuming 3600 tonnes of sustainably sourced wood and recycled plastic (HDPE taken from recycled milk bottles!). ecodek® is … Continue reading “Ecodek”



The Viessmann  Vitovalor 300-P is a natural gas powered fuel cell boiler. The fuel cell operates like  a battery, a chemical reaction takes place between the positive and negative electric poles. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce electricity and heat, and water vapour. As there is no widespread infrastructure for supplying hydrogen, natural gas (CH4)is … Continue reading “Viessmann”


Solar Vision Lighting Technologies Ltd

Revolutionary off grid solar street lighting utilising the latest in photovoltaic technology, allows for maximum flexibility when designing a scheme.  No more extensive and time consuming ground works or expensive connection to the National Grid.  The PV cells store all the required energy to run entirely 100% self-sufficiently. Materials/Technology/USP’s 4 main technologies deliver the efficiency … Continue reading “Solar Vision Lighting Technologies Ltd”


The circular facing bricks that you click together without mortar or glue The patented Facadeclick system uses traditional facing bricks.  Building a brick façade is now easier and faster thanks to the new click system. Potentially faster – Lower labour cost Thermic insulation injected into the join No mortar, no glue A biologic green system … Continue reading “Facadeclick”