PaperStone® countertops are comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They are certified by both FSC® and the Rainforest Alliance® How does it work? PaperStone® is made from FSC® certified Recycled and FSC® certified Mix post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with proprietary phenolic resins and selected natural pigments. Once trimmed to the desired length, … Continue reading “PaperStone”

Durisol Blocks

Durisol ICF blocks (R-12) are made of cement mixed with recycled wood fibres. The hollow blocks are used for building and have a cement mix poured into them. The cement can include slag or fly ash as a filter. How does it work? Durisol blocks are made from a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber material that … Continue reading “Durisol Blocks”