Solar Vision Lighting Technologies Ltd

Revolutionary off grid solar street lighting utilising the latest in photovoltaic technology, allows for maximum flexibility when designing a scheme.  No more extensive and time consuming ground works or expensive connection to the National Grid.  The PV cells store all the required energy to run entirely 100% self-sufficiently.


4 main technologies deliver the efficiency of the unit.

Power Tube -A worldwide patent, with unique and outstanding cylindrical designed photovoltaic module using the very latest silicon solar cells, assures continuous power supply.

Power LED – Highly luminous, easy to maintain, replaceable efficient LEDs with optic lenses, deliver a remarkable power output and an optimised light distribution to limit unwanted light pollution.

Power Control – Reliable in operation, the integrated unique power management electronics uses a programmable microcontroller, creating smart system monitoring and controlling with MPP tracking for maximised energy yield and PWM for brightness control optimising the energy efficiency.

Optional Motion detector – The 10m range delivers customer specific light distribution.

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