reAqua Grey Water Recycling

A reAqua grey water recovery system collects waste water from the first floor bathroom’s shower, bath and basin and treats the water so it can be used for toilet flushing. Heat is recovered from the waste water and used to pre-heat the water in the hot water cylinder.

How does it work?

A revised plumbing setup takes all the waste water from baths and showers in a property and redirects it through a reAqua filtration unit to treat it with a disinfectant. The treated water is then piped on to supply all flushing water needs for multiple toilets. If one toilet is specified, gravity feed is sufficient. If two or more are connected, an electrically pumped feed is provided within the unit.

The unit also recovers the heat from the bath and shower water used, transferring it to the building’s central heating system through use of a heat-exchanger. The recovered heat is transferred to the cold feed of a combi-boiler or hot water cylinder, reducing demand on the existing central-heating system.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces energy consumption by pre-heating water in the heating or DHW system
  • Unit is compact, fitting into a cupboard.


Resource Efficient House

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