Pilkington Spacia Glazing

The sash windows in the Victorian Terrace’s presentation room look like they have retained their original single glazing. However, a grid of micro-spacers with an air extraction point indicates that they are actually vacuum glazed. Spacia™ has a similar thermal performance of double glazing within the same space as single glass, making it ideal for historic buildings.

How does it work?

Spacia™ consists of an outer pane of low emissive glass and an inner-pane of clear float, separated by 0.2mm vacuum. Micro- spacers, 0.5mm in diameter and set 20mm apart, hold the two panes together, with the air removed and covered by a 12mm diameter protection cap. This means that existing frames can be retrofitted with glazing that that has excellent U-values.

Some key benefits

  • May be used in heritage buildings
  • U-value (6mm glass): 1.4 W/m2K
  • Total solar heat transmittance (g value): 67%
  • Can be glazed with existing putty products

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