Hawa Front-Slide Window Shutters

The distinctive window shutters used in the Barratt Green House optimise solar gain, control overheating and prevent glare, while offering potential insulation benefits.

These computer controlled shutters close in order to limit heat build up due to strong sunlight in the summer and play a crucial part in the Barratt Green House’s technical design to reduce overheating.

How do they work?

The shutters are linked to a central building management system that automatically opens and closes the individual shutters. This allows the solar gain to be carefully managed, reducing fuel consumption for heating and minimising solar overheating during the summer. Occupants can also manually over-ride the automatic function of each shutter.

Some key benefits

  • Sliding shutter thickness: 28-40 mm
  • Maximum sliding shutter weigh only 60kg
  • Can be moved into any position for privacy or shade
  • Shutters can be removed without loosening the toothed belt

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