Durisol Blocks

Durisol ICF blocks (R-12) are made of cement mixed with recycled wood fibres. The hollow blocks are used for building and have a cement mix poured into them. The cement can include slag or fly ash as a filter.

How does it work?

Durisol blocks are made from a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber material that has only natural ingredients. It is composed of specially graded recycled waste wood (100% clean, natural softwood lumber). This wood is first chipped into wood fibre. It is then mineralised and bonded together with Portland cement. This Durisol material is then moulded into the cement-bonded wood fibre reinforced ICF concrete forms.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight & durable – does not rot or decay
  • Vermin, termite and insect proof; does not support fungus growth
  • Comprised of 80% recycled material
  • Recyclable – contain no plastic, foams, or polystyrenes


Archetype Sustainable House – House A and B basement walls

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