BrickShield External Insulation

The BrickShield product incorporates a Rockwool insulation board, covered in brick slips to provide a traditional brick finish. This external insulation is used in combination with cavity wall insulation on the rear of G1 and F1 in the Refurbished House to provide maximum thermal performance.

How does it work?

BrickShield is an external wall insulation system, featuring Rockwool insulation boards, finished with brick slips from Ibstock. The insulation and brick slips are bonded together and to the existing wall using a special adhesive.

BrickShield allows for a traditional brick finish to be retained whilst improving thermal performance of a building. The tile format of the brick slips allows for quick and easy installation.

Key Benefits

  • Improved thermal and acoustic performance
  • External insulation causes less disruption to occupants.


Rear of G1 and F1, Refurbished House

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