The Visitor Centre was the first building constructed on the Innovation Park @Ravenscraig. It is a high performance building in its own right, designed to meet BREEAM Outstanding. It utilised an off-site manufacturing process which allowed for fast on-site craned erection and safer assembly. The Visitor Centre is constructed of home-grown timber and incorporates a number of locally sourced materials. The Visitor Centre has a low energy design and includes water saving measures. An on-going building performance evaluation is monitoring energy and water consumption and internal environmental performance.

BRE Inspiring Innovation

A short film showing the construction of the BRE Visitor Centre at the Innovation Park @Ravenscraig.


The Visitor Centre is the first point of contact for all visitors to the Innovation Park @Ravenscraig. The open plan floor space can be set up for meetings seminars and events. This can been hired out and has been used by a variety of groups over the last two years. The availability of these facilities can be checked by contacting Jackie Reilly or phoning 01698 262193.

The adjacent but acoustically separated office space is occupied by BRE staff who will provide assistance to those using the seminar space. Tours of the park are also available, if booked in advance.

The Visitor Centre was the first building constructed on the Innovation Park @Ravenscraig. A high performance building in its own right, it has been designed to demonstrate the following:

  • BREEAM Outstanding (at Design Stage) – 2011 BREEAM Standard
  • Lean/Off Site Manufacturing Process
  • Green Guide to Material Specification
  • Locally Sourced Materials and Suppliers
  • Water Conservation
  • Tackling Indoor Air Quality
  • Onsite Waste Minimisation
  • Low Energy/Zero Carbon
  • Secured by Design
  • Ongoing Post Occupancy Evaluation

Materials & Technologies

A wide range of innovative products and technologies has been incorporated into the design of the Visitor Centre. Homegrown timber has also been utilised.


Airtightness testing and U-value testing have been undertaken as part of a TSB funded BPE project. A thermal imaging survey has been conducted.

On-going temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements have been taken, which have been corroborated with ‘spot-checks’. ESRU (Energy Systems Research Unit) are also conducting luminance and noise measurements.

Visitor Centre Construction
Visitor Centre Construction