‘The Curriculum House’ will provide a live learning test-bed for New College Lanarkshire’s Computer Aided Architectural Design and Technology and Construction courses. The demonstration home will be designed and constructed by undergraduate students who will use the building as a practical project on which to refine their skills and experience over a two year period. The house will then be deconstructed and replaced with a new design from the next tranche of students.


The thermally-efficient, closed panel timber frame was manufactured in Scotframe’s factory in Cumbernauld to a design created by the Computer Aided Architectural Design and Technology students.

The timber kit includes 14 external wall panels, 18 internal wall panels, four floor cassettes, 14 roof trusses and two sets of gable ladders. The heaviest panel weighs 342kg, while the longest panel measures six metres.

A wide range of innovative products and technologies has been incorporated into the design of the Visitor Centre. Homegrown timber has also been utilised.