Plot 1 has been developed by AppleGreen Homes with Glasgow Caledonian University and Spacesix Architects.

At precisely the time when Housing in the UK faces unprecedented challenges.  AppleGreen has produced a bigger, fast-build, energy-efficient, affordable home.

  • Bigger homes, room to grow, room to breathe
  • Fast-build, wind and water tight in just two days
  • Energy-efficient, fabric-first design plus renewables
  • various designs to suit both the clients and planning needs
  • affordable, smarter construction and rigorous sourcing have overturned the price/quality equation

Partially built in a factory, our highly-insulated timber frame panels offer a better quality build and with our own-brand triple glazed windows, a more energy-efficient home is created.  The three-bed AppleGreen Home is a two-storey building with approximately 125m2 of living area.

On the roof there is space for a garden next to the 3.9kw solar system.  The building is designed to be highly insulated (low U-value) and airtight, with little thermal bridging, consequently reducing heating costs.  Utility bills will be further offset by electricity produced by the rooftop solar PV panels and the FIT (Feed in Tariff) payback.

Their fast-build system can be wind and water tight in two days, allowing external and internal work to begin at the same time.

AppleGreen offers a solution for the need to build volume housing and with our renewables package, the product to defeat fuel poverty.


Their first sites will be in the Greater Manchester area, supported by The Greater Manchester Housing Fund.

First site is for 10 homes followed by further sites of approx. 30 -50 homes per development.

The AppleGreen Kit

Due to the significant interest in AppleGreen affordable, energy efficient homes they are working with their suppliers to provide a one stop shop to supply everything required above ground to build one of their homes.

This will include the products such as insulated timber frames, triple glazed windows, bricks, render, roof tiles, plasterboard, doors, skirting, kitchens, bathrooms, staircase, solar and any other energy saving products, to even the paint and tiles etc

This will allow cost savings through volume procurement after exhaustive searches for quality products with leading suppliers.

AppleGreen Home: BRE Innovation Park @Ravenscraig

Next in the series of Innovation Park films, the AppleGreen Home. The AppleGreen Home is a family home, designed to be energy efficient and affordable to run.


The AppleGreen Home is flexible and can accommodate a number of different layouts. The three bedrooms and bathroom are found on the ground floor, which keeps them cooler in hot weather.

Large windows are south-facing for optimum solar gain. An optional roof terrace can provide extra leisure space and allows for outside space when land is at a premium. This also provides access for maintenance of the PV panels on the roof. Some of the key energy efficient features of the property are:

  • PV solar panels, by Green Age Solutions, are provided on the rooftop and a heat recovery and air exchanger boosts ventilation and redistributes warm air throughout the house.
  • Green Age Solutions also supplied a voltage optimisation unit which reduces the voltage of electricity supplied to appliances to help them work more efficiently.
  • The building is highly insulated and NorDan double-glazed windows help optimise heat retention and reduce energy consumption.
  • The house’s appliances also boast strong A++ efficiency ratings.
  • The walls are finished with a low VOC paint, which is quick to dry, wipeable and is designed not to fade over time. The paint has virtually no odour, and has improved coverage which means less paint is required.
  • A smart metering system is displayed in addition to the BRE, ESRU and Glasgow Caledonian monitoring equipment.


AppleGreen Homes have gone on to great success with the AppleGreen Homes design. The company has taken orders for their affordable social housing across the UK.