The Innovation Park @Ravenscraig is a demonstration development showcasing how the future of sustainable housing might look.

The Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig is BRE’s first purpose-built Innovation Park.  Building on the success of the Watford Innovation Park, this facility demonstrates a vision of sustainable development which integrates landscape and building performance.

The Ravenscraig Park masterplan demonstrates an approach to development which considers the position and orientation of buildings, surface water management, biodiversity, ecology and placemaking.  The Park establishes a model for development which can inform the future built environment, not only in the UK, but internationally.



The buildings at the Innovation Park @Ravenscraig are developed under the park themes of energy, sustainability, affordability and community. Each takes a different approach to meeting stringent energy targets.

A grounds up approach to sustainable development

The Innovation Park follows a ‘ground-up’ approach to sustainable planning and development. The site features porous road surfaces and paving, a site wide SUDS system, native planting and landscaping, street furniture and lighting, and a natural play area.

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Ground-breaking housebuilding app available for free download

An innovative new app developed by BRE (Building Research Establishment) in partnership with Cruden and Kraft Architecture + Research which allows house builders to compare energy efficiency options and the associated cost implications, is now available for free download*.

The data incorporated within the app is the most up to date on the marketplace and follows months of monitoring at the “Refurbished House” on the BRE Innovation Park in Ravenscraig. Delivered by BRE Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University and Historic Scotland and constructed by Cruden Buildings and Renewals, the home represents a recreation of the “four in a block” model of which there are 265,000 in Scotland and 3 million of a similar design in England.

Dr David Kelly, Group Director BRE Innovation Park Networks notes;

“As a direct result of the successful collaboration with Cruden Buildings and Renewals and Kraft Architecture + Research, we have been able to jointly develop this ap which offers new and  innovative retrofit solutions, which we believe will be of particular interest to those operating within the social housing sector. The Refurbished House demonstrates a range of innovative retrofit solutions for some of the most energy inefficient homes across Scotland and the UK.  The project has enabled a robust assessment on the most cost effective solutions of fabric upgrades for this building style, for walls, windows, roofs and services and these state of the art solutions are to be found in this new app.”

Allan Callaghan, Managing Director of Cruden Building and Renewals said:

“With challenging carbon emission reduction targets to meet, and fuel poverty a widespread problem, the UK needs to radically improve the energy performance of its existing homes – and that’s where this app comes in. The beauty of the app is that it presents quite technical information in a way that is very easy to understand.  It can tell a landlord what they need to do to upgrade a property, how much it will cost, and how much money that refurbishment will save in maintenance and running costs.  Importantly the app helps the user make maximum benefits to the properties with the minimum disruption to the resident – a huge plus for everyone concerned.”


*Free download is available using an Apple ipad and logging onto;


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