• the first concealed toilet cistern to utilise waste condensate from air conditioning units
  • unique 18 litres twin chamber tank, to allow multiple flushes
  • Mains fed water back up if no condensate is being produced
  • Built in 75mm deep trap to allow overflow to the soil stack
  • Adjustable flush volumes from 3.5 to 6 litres to suit regions worldwide
  • Compatible with hands free flush controllers
  • Designed to fit into industry service voids with no additional space required
  • Simple to install by a qualified plumber
  • Wall or frame mounted
  • Simple to maintain
  • Reduces water costs for the operators as the toilet is flushed by a waste product
  • Quick ROI as all toilets need a cistern so the additional cost is minimal
  • Suitable for new builds and retrofit from Hotels to shopping centres, apartments to office blocks
  • BREEAM & LEED compatible
  • CAT 5 Compliant
  • WRAS approval
  • Made from HIPS and ABS – Fully recyclable
  • Made in the UK.

More Information

The Encore cistern works in exactly the same way as a traditional cistern with the exception that is has an extra filling connection to allow a separate water source to be introduced (from the air conditioning unit).

  • first to use air-conditioning condensate to deliver free flushing water
  • This innovative system uses a free, sustainable source of water
  • The perfect eco-friendly alternative for an everyday essential
  • LEED & BREEAM qualifying

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