• Super-insulated concrete foundation slab with optional additional piles to match most ground conditions.
  • Laser cut galvanised powder coated structural steel ring beam with C16 UK timber studs. UK fabricated OSB structural boards enable one floor to be built every two days.
  • Super-insulated external wall insulation, triple glazing and a heat recovery ventilation system reduces heat demand to the point where a small heat pump can provide both comfort and hot water.
  • ZEDfactory designed BIPV solar roofing system combines a durable roof with electric generation and can create solar loft conservatory.
  • Good daylight, water saving appliances and LED lighting reduces electric demand allowing surplus solar electricity to power an electric car.
  • A smart LiPO4 Fitcraft battery system stores solar electricity minimising grid imports and limiting grid export to avoids the need to upgrade the existing mains grid infrastructure.


The system uses simple and adaptable plans which create convenient internal layouts for any plot orientation. The open structural system increases flexibility for self-build and site specific variations. They have developed this further to create a range of standard house types for detached, semi and terraced typologies. ‘Design code’ planning kits allow new communities on larger sites to design themselves whilst recognising the importance of the placemaking agenda.

Zero Bills have maximised the use of UK sourced materials to minimise the carbon footprint. The Timber studs, OSB and Steel are all UK sourced. They maximise the use of natural building materials and eliminate urethane foams.This makes the building one of the lowest  embodied carbon buildings possible. Combined with the BIPV solar roof, battery storage and zero fossil fuel energy systems, the home starts paying back its embodied carbon by generating more electricity than it needs over a typical year.

Materials & Technologies

This home is powered by a unique Domestic Hot Water System, Space Heating and MVHR Solution Developed by ZED Factory in conjunction with leading product manufacturers and utilising the passive solar design of the Zero Bills Home. Domestic hot water is provided to the tank via the heat pump compressor extracting heat from the black panel in the solar space. Warmed up refrigerant gas is passed through the compressor and exchanger providing heat to the tank in the conversion of the hot gas back to its cooler liquid state. DHW water takes priority over space heating. MVHR The heating system is used to meet the ventilation rates of the building and provide heat recovery at 90% efficiency.

Rainwater Harvesting
An integrated rainwater storage Bluroof system combined with green roof overflowing into rainwater tank. Rainwater tank installed above bin stores gravity feeds for toilet flushing or gardening and overflows into the swale.


ZBHCo houses are designed to be modern and contemporary, built from traditional materials in a sustainable construction system. The system combines an energy efficient modular frame structure with an integrated  solar PV panel roof. The electricity generated from the PV roof panels earns revenues from the Feed in Tariff scheme which, when combined with the free use of the electricity stored in the batteries, leads to  incomes and savings exceeding the residual cost of electricity – a Zero energy bills home. This will protect households against ever rising  energy bills and help to reduce fuel poverty.


The future of offsite construction webinar with Bill Dunster