Trillium House

Trillium Homes is a new entry to the UK housing market using a light gauge steel frame construction method. They have built a prototype 3-bedroom 2-storey detached house at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford.

The house demonstrates


The Trillium Home is a light gauge steel frame house, and arrived on site as a kit of parts in two 40’ containers with everything to construct and fit out the house.

The only element of the house that is not fabricated  are the roof tiles, which can be accustomed to fit their surrounding environment.

Trillium stairs

Materials, Technologies & Performance

The house demonstrates resource efficiency with high levels of thermal efficiency and air tightness. External finishes can be chosen to suit the local vernacular. The project aims to contribute to the target of building more affordable housing in the UK. The house is a good sized 3 bedroom family home at a very low cost. The build system can be used for houses and low rise apartments in various configurations, from affordable to aspirational.

The building is sited on a suspended concrete block and beam slab. Foundation types will vary on the susbstrate for each site. This property used the pile foundations from the previous structure on the plot.

Structurally, the house is constructed from modular steel frames. The light gauge steel sections are 100mm x 50mm x 1mm thick. These panels are positioned and secured with 100mm bolts, whilst being attached to the foundations using 300mm rods with a chemical fix. The rest of the structure is bolted together in much the same way. Once the side panels are in position, the structure is stiffened with 400mm steel joists and then LGS roof trusses are added.