Built in 2007, the Hanson EcoHouse was the first masonry house to achieve Code Level 4 under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Its construction brought together the latest developments in off-site construction, thermal mass and natural ventilation. The refurbishment, carried out in 2011, includes the application of the Structherm Insulated Render (IR) system that delivers a high degree of thermal efficiency, vapour permeability, impact resistance and flexibility of colour and texture.

The Hanson EcoHouse is now being transformed into a showcase to demonstrate exciting and innovative fire and security products from RedBook. This will give RedBook listed companies the opportunity to showcase their products at the Park.


  • high thermal mass levels, achieved with pre-fabricated external masonry walls, heavyweight internal block partitions, a pre-cast staircase and concrete floors. This allows the building to store heat during warm periods and release it during cooler spells or at night.
  • Natural ventilation – a central stair core below the roof opening maximises convection in much the same way as a kiln draws hot air up through a brick stack and out of the chimney, while simultaneously drawing in cool fresh air at a low level. This system helps to enhance natural air currents, minimising the reliance on energy intensive cooling systems.
  • The kiln-shaped structure also creates a large, light-filled open plan living area.
  • A solar collector and ground source heat pump helps meet the house’s energy needs.
  • SUDS-compliant external paving allows rainwater to pass into a tanked sub-base. This combines with a layer of flexible piping linked to the ground source heat pump, to provide space heating and domestic hot water. The water is also filtered so that it is suitable for flushing toilets and watering plants.


Materials & Technologies

The building features brick and block wall panels manufactured offsite in a controlled factory environment, optimising quality and reducing onsite build time

– Thermal mass enabling the house to store heat in winter and remain cooler for longer in summer

– Structherm external insulating render which was retrofitted to deliver extra levels of thermal efficiency, vapour permeability, impact resistance and flexibility of colour and texture

– Underfloor heating



Airtightness testing and U-value testing

Air Tightness Result
4.83 m3/(h.m2) at 50Pa
element value. U value W/m2K
Walls 0.18
Glazing 0.78
roof 0.14
floor 0.16
  • Triple gazed krypton filled windows and doors
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Natural ventilation
  •  Under-floor heating
  • Bedrooms on ground floor, living space upstairs
  • Solar Thermal
  • Rainwater harvesting



Lead Contractor: Hanson