The houses feature a number of building types over the year demonstrating Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), showcasing off-site construction from elements through to whole buildings, as well as demonstrating  all the different types of build, from timber frame, to cross laminate timber, concrete, clay block, SIPS and light gauge steel. The buildings have a finite life, and once all the research potential has been exhausted the buildings are deconstructed under the BRE Smart Waste tool, or repurposed. A good example of the latter is the Willmott Dixon building, which started life as a demonstrator  for the Building Schools for the future programme, was then converted into  a healthcare demonstrator, and will now become a training facility linked to the BRE Academy and the BRE Trust funded schools programme.

The buildings have been constructed to meet the challenges of achieving rising standards, from the 2005 £60k house challenge, to the  Code for Sustainable Homes, and now the Home Quality Mark  and 2016 Building Regulations. BRE has worked with the industry to help the supply chain raise awareness of how to meet each new standard.