The Science and Technology Demonstration Building is the first building constructed on the Innovation Park @Gui’an, and it promotes the launch of the Innovation Park. It is a high performance building, designed to meet BREEAM Outstanding.

The demonstration building will showcase the latest green ecological technology research and application of green products, and will also play a leading role in green building technology and healthy city index system research. It will become a green low carbon technology platform for Tsinghua University teaching and research.

The Demonstration Building has a low energy design and includes a wind tunnel system. An on-going building performance evaluation will monitor energy and water consumption and internal environmental performance. The Demonstration Building itself is a experiment platform to strengthen the research on green building and community standards both in China and the UK.



This Demonstration Building is the first point of contact for all visitors to the Innovation Park @Gui’an. It has a flexible interior to allow a variety of meetings, seminars and events to be held. The Demonstration Building will be a working office, home to permanent Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG) staff and will also act as an information hub for research, monitoring and testing being undertaken at the Park.

The Demonstration Building is a 20m x 20m x 13m box in shape, with a vertical duct. It has two floors and the plane layout is divided into two parts. The north and south sides are 6m x 3m boxes with a unit of light steel box structure system, and each side has six units. A timberwork system supports the two layers of the exhibition hall in the centre.

Some key features include:

  • Two separated structure system: timberwork and thin-wall steel;
  • Integrated solar energy photovoltaic panels and wind deflector plate on ventilation tower top;
  • A module interlayer on the ground floor to showcase ventilation, heat storage and sound absorption properties;
  • A thin-film photovoltaic system on the veranda;
  • The use of local materials such as timber, bamboo and roof slate.



Lead Developer: Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG)

Design and Construction Team: Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG)

Project Sponsors: Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlement Construction Group (THHSCG)

Product Suppliers and Construction Support:

  • Suzhou Royal Wood Industry Co., Ltd
  • Henan Tianfeng Group
  • Hanergy Holding Group
  • Shenfei Corporation Aluminum Curtain Wall Engineering Co., LTD
  • PanAsialum Holdings Company Limited
  • VELUX Group
  • NOVOFIBRE Panel Board Holding (China) Ltd.
  • JinkoSolar Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Tsinghua Solar
  • Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.
  • EnviroSystems Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd.