The Visitor’s Centre concept, designed by leading Canadian sustainable architectural firm Sustainable.TO, is striving to be one of the most sustainable buildings in Canada. Following the core principles of energy efficient and cost effective design, the building is also targeting both Living Building Challenge and WELL Standard certifications. This multi-purpose building will serve as a hub both for the Park and greater community, hosting a wide range of programs and activities promoting sustainability and low-carbon innovations.


Highlights of the design include:

  • South orientation promotes solar gains for passive heating and daylighting
  • Permanent external shading designed to optimize winter solar gains and minimize summer gains
  • Operable windows and atrium to promote passive cooling via cross ventilation and stack effect
  • Reduced glazing west and northern façades to reduce overheating at the end of the day;
  • Reduced corners in building to minimize air leakage, and;
  • Showcase of Canadian building products and systems.


The building will target Living Building Challenge full certification (including Net Positive Energy and Net Zero Water) and WELL Standard Silver Certification.