Innovation Park at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, Toronto.

Innovation Park, located at the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Vaughan, Ontario (just North of Toronto) is a demonstration development that will be Canada’s leading opportunity to showcase innovation in sustainable construction.  Innovation Park is being developed under the themes of sustainability, resilience, and affordability.  Innovation Park at Kortright will address design and construction issues relevant to the Canadian market.  It intends to demonstrate over eight plots (one existing and seven new) a variety of innovative products, systems and design approaches to provide sustainable, resilient and affordable communities.

Construction work on-site will create serviced plots, to be ready for use by Spring 2019. Infrastructure developments include providing electric connections, sanitary and potable water, a district geothermal system connection and gas connection.


Holistic approach to sustainable and resilient development.

Canada’s Innovation Park will follow a holistic approach to sustainable and resilient planning and development. The site will feature permeable road surfaces, a bioretention swale, native plantings and landscaping including rain, edible, and butterfly gardens, and street furniture and lighting. Each demonstration plot will feature different biodiversity themes related to the design theme of the building. Details of the targets can be viewed in the download below. In addition, targets for biodiversity have been set for each plot, as well as the site as a whole. The requirements for the ‘neighbourhood’ scale include:

  • maximising local native fauna,
  • planting species to attract pollinators – no use of pesticides,
  • 75% native species – 100% non-invasive plant species,
  • At least 20% of aerial coverage to be green (non-lawn)

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Canada Biodiversity Targets



Partners for The Living City Campus

Build Partners:

Ellis Don

The Endeavour Centre

Great Gulf Homes

Del Ridge Homes

Greenvilla Homes

Ontario First Nations Partnership

Mohawk College