The PISAC headquarters building, located at UnB Darcy Ribeiro Campus, will be composed of four suspended and separated buildings, connected by suspended walkways. The blocks are numbered from 1 to 4, respectively: Reception, Events, Offices and wet block (restrooms/restaurant).

Reception Block

Has been modulated so that a central and linear corridor passes connecting the two outer walkways with the centre of the building. It has two internal environments, the central corridor, a classroom and a library, creating a total area of 189.53 m2. The Library has a reception, with no room divider, defined by an arrangement of furniture

Events Block

This block was divided into three major main areas: the auditorium, an exhibit or multipurpose wing and a large central support wing. The support has an island with five rooms, which includes female and male bathrooms and rooms that can serve with a deposit. Its total area is 386.37 m2, with two accesses of the connecting platforms, one in the central wing and the other in the exhibition wing

Office Block

This building can be marked by an internal area and two balconies located in the east and west portion. Using a central corridor that gives continuity to the access walkway, the internal area is separated into two wings: one with reception and workstations and the other with two meeting rooms. This building will be used as a hub for innovators. Located as the building closest to the Prototypes Square, this block has a total area of 330.36 m2

The wet block

Just like the office block, this building is separated with an internal and external area, but with only one balcony in the southern portion. It is an area that covers a kitchen pantry, locker rooms, support rooms and technical rooms, all in an area of 329.93 m2. It has two entrances, one on the upper east and one on the south, giving access to the balcony. The internal area of the building is separated without any connection between the parts, the upper east entrance gives access to the technical rooms, and to the south guarantees access to the rest of the building.