CEPAC is a living laboratory where new technologies and design will be developed and evaluated in use.

Based in the capital Brasilia, CEPAC (Research and Development Centre for Innovation and Sustainability of the Built Environment) will be the catalyst for the modernisation of a construction sector which is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. The project concept is based on the Innovation Park model, developed by BRE.

The procurement of new technologies is often seen as a barrier to the widespread adoption of innovative solutions. The perceived risk of adopting new processes, materials and technologies and the consequences of failure has, in some cases, limited the uptake of innovation. CEPAC will help overcome those barriers as it serves not only as a demonstrator of technology and processes to meet future policy and legislative targets, but also as a live test site for products to perform and be measured in-situ.


The procurement process for design and construction of the CEPAC building has started. A number of BRE standards and tools will form a platform for innovation and sustainability processes and solutions to be adapted and embraced by the Brazilian construction sector and related industries.

CEPAC will showcase new methods of construction and technologies that are innovative, affordable, fast and truly sustainable. Our aim is to inspire and provide leadership to transform the construction industry.


The University of Brasilia (UNB), through the Laboratory of the Built Environment, Inclusion and Sustainability (Lacis / FAU / CDS / FGA)

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI)

The Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (CBIC)

Building Research Establishment (BRE)