Save time and improve accuracy with the new SmartWaste function for bulk uploads for electricity, natural gas, and water usage data

The latest version of SmartWaste allows you to quickly upload electricity, natural gas, and water usage data for multiple projects at once.

Why it matters

The new bulk upload function saves time by allowing you to upload multiple electricity, natural gas, and water usage data entries, for multiple projects into SmartWaste at once. It also improves accuracy and data quality by minimising direct transaction entry and enabling manipulation of data stored in other systems.

What’s new?

You can find the new “add data” tab at the group and business unit level, with a left-hand menu to aid navigation. The existing project spend upload has also been located here.

How it works

The data you upload in bulk is added to meters set up within your projects by identifying them with a “meter reference ID number”. You will need to edit any existing meters to include this unique reference number. The number is usually provided by your supplier with your data. When you set the unique “meter reference ID number” in SmartWaste, this enables the upload to identify which project the data belongs to.

On each of the company-level “add data” pages there is:

  • A csv template to download and complete with your data
  • A detailed guidance document explaining how to use the new company-level bulk upload function
  • A location to upload your completed file
  • A link to view past uploads – here you can see all previous uploads, view any associated error reports, and delete a bulk upload if necessary

The documents are provided in a csv format to make it easier to copy and paste rows within the sheet. This enables data to be quickly collated into a format which is suitable for uploading to SmartWaste. This is useful if you are repeating similar entries. If data is stored elsewhere, the csv format is also useful for manipulating data before uploading to SmartWaste.

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