Is your software a good fit?

Have you ever noticed how many different software tools you use at your work place?

Ever since the rise of technology, companies have invested billions into new software programs.

The need for different programs for different problems across safety, health, environmental and quality performance is vast. The likelihood is that your information is scattered across numerous incompatible software making data a more complex challenge to harness its potential.

Wasted time by unproductive software can cost an organisation significantly, having different departments using different software can cause immense communication barriers in sharing vital information across the business. Sharing information such as incident reports or even audits and inspections can be challenging when not using the correct tools.

This can only change when all your information and data is sorted within one software tool, helping your communication and efficiency flow effectively through the organisation and its stakeholders.

Many have the idea that managing environmental, health and safety concerns must be a burden. However, modern-day software is designed to be tailor made to your project activity, providing versatile and customisable modules configured to your requirements.

Key benefits of EHS software:

  • Control access to company and project information easily with secure multi-user access levels.
  • Use KPIs to track and compare real-time project performance across multiple-impact areas.
  • Reduce environmental impacts on projects by cutting waste, improving site management, and reducing energy, water, materials and transport use.
  • Actions generated through observation can be clearly allocated to those responsible, across your supply chain.

As EHS software has evolved, the market suffered two obstacles. Programmers making the software were not aware of how the industry operated. Secondly, technology experts were trying to give a shot at making their own software with no knowledge of software design, resulting in programmes that didn’t work effectively.

With modern-day industries changing all the time, today’s software is developed by skilled professional programmers, who work in conjunction with sector industry experts to deliver software that is easy to navigate and understood by all.

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