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As climate change accelerates, the construction industry faces immense pressure to dramatically reduce its environmental impact. With buildings generating nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions according to a report by UNEP in 2021, there is an urgent need for more sustainable construction practices. SmartWaste from BRE is at the forefront of driving this sustainability revolution.

SmartWaste empowers construction firms to minimise waste, optimise materials usage, reduce carbon footprints, and meet stringent sustainability regulations. By harnessing the power of data analytics and digital technology, SmartWaste unlocks unprecedented visibility into key metrics across construction projects and portfolios. This enables data-driven decisions that help make sustainability a core principle, rather than an afterthought.

Unlocking major sustainability gains

Leading construction firms worldwide are leveraging SmartWaste to boost their sustainability performance to new heights.

McLaren is using SmartWaste across all its sites to reduce waste generation by up to 95% while improving its BREEAM certification scores across its projects.

“We’ve seen the benefit of actually understanding what we’re doing on sites and getting the data in one place, so we could actually use it for consistent reporting, showing how we can actually make changes and improve what we’re doing on sites.”

says Sally Fraser of McLaren.


Meanwhile, Canary Wharf Contractors Callum Scott, Project Sustainability Manager said about their experience of using SmartWaste,

“SmartWaste helps us make data more transparent, creating more efficient processes and giving us vital information for our annual reports. The complexity has been minimised, resulting in valuable time savings. In addition to this, as an organisation with a keen focus on achieving the highest standards, it is a big benefit that SmartWaste aligns with BREEAM principles.”


Osborne, one of the UK’s leading family-owned construction businesses, has used SmartWaste since 2016. According to Osborne’s Kirsty Dunne, Group Sustainability Manager,

“…it is the best in market sustainability platform for the built environment. Supporting net zero carbon, circularity, or social value objectives it captures biodiversity, energy, materials, transport, waste, water, social value and CCS data. At Osborne we use it to capture information and live report on our environmental performance for primarily waste, water, energy and materials, allowing us to monitor and take action to meet our sustainability goals.”

Elevating visibility across sustainability data

SmartWaste includes a robust set of digital solutions tailored to the sustainability data needs of modern construction.

Waste tracking: Real-time sensory data identifies waste patterns. Analytics pinpoint targeted reductions.

Materials optimisation: Insights into material flows enable reduced usage, increased recycling, and supply chain efficiency.

Automated carbon accounting: Continuous emissions tracking across operations and materials highlights decarbonization opportunities.

Compliance management: Centralized regulatory databases simplify compliance. Automated notifications prevent oversights.

Supplier collaboration portal: Sharing sustainability data across the supply chain enables collective improvements.

Community engagement tools: Digital portals facilitate knowledge transfer and project transparency with local communities.

Sustainability benchmarking: Comparative analytics assess performance against industry sustainability benchmarks.

Impact reporting: Custom reports demonstrate sustainability results for ESG disclosures.

Pioneering sustainability in construction

Industry leaders like McLaren, Canary Wharf Contractors, and Osbornes are using SmartWaste to enable their journey to sustainable construction. Harnessing data to unlock significant sustainability gains, is setting a robust example for the construction industry. And demonstrating how the built environment can positively contribute and lessen its environmental impact.

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