Financial Controls, Records and Reporting

We all have a duty to record, retain and report company information honestly and accurately in accordance with applicable laws and BRE’s internal accounting and reporting policies. This applies to both financial and non-financial information and is this essential in protecting BRE’s credibility and reputation.

For example:

Q: You are about to complete your expenses claim for a recent business trip. You are wondering whether you can include a couple of receipts from local tourist attractions that you visited in your free time.

Can you do this?

A: NO. You may not put personal expenses through as business expenses. If unsure, speak to your Line Manager or a representative from the Operations, Finance or Legal teams.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Ensure all transactions are properly authorised.
  • Accurately record information.
  • Complete and approve all expenses claims accurately, and following the BRE Group Travel and Expenses Policy.
  • Comply with applicable BRE’s document retention and disposal rules in accordance with the Control of Records Procedure.
  • Take care to effectively manage and protect all information created or received by BRE to make sure it is preserved and available when needed.
  • Report any concerns about suspected irregularities regarding documentation to your Line Manager and Operations, Finance or Legal teams as appropriate.


  • Keep any accounts ‘off-book’ to facilitate or conceal improper or unauthorised payments.
  • Make a deliberately false or misleading entry in an expense claim or record.
  • Submit any type of documentation that is misleading or inaccurate.
  • Sign or agree to binding commitments on behalf of BRE unless you are authorised to do so.