External Activities and Communications

Charities and non-profit organisations

BRE believes that charitable giving forms part of its wider commitment and responsibility to the community. As well as supporting a number of charities through various initiatives, BRE supports a number of the charitable activities and interests of employees.

Political and public activity

BRE believes in freedom of speech, and respects the right of employees to participate in public life and support political activities using their own time and resources. At the same time, BRE seeks to be apolitical, and to influence the world through sound science and effective products and services.

Please be mindful of the impact your personal activities could have on BRE’s reputation, and do not use company resources for such activities. If you are not sure whether an activity may impact on BRE, please discuss it with Marketing and Communications.


For example:

Q: A co-worker uses company email to solicit votes and financial support for her partner who is running for a local political office.

Is this acceptable?

A: NO. Company resources, which in this case include both the BRE IT systems and employee work time, should not be used for political purposes. Furthermore, using company email may lead people to believe that BRE supports this candidate, which could undermine our apolitical status and reputation for impartiality.