There are many important economic, environmental and legislative reasons for reducing waste and making the best use of materials that might otherwise go to landfill. These apply to every facet of the built environment – from clearing the site for a new development, to drawing up an organisation’s waste management strategy.

Our services include:

Waste management tools and training – with our Smartwaste product we have developed a range of web-based construction waste management tools to help you identify, minimise, manage and recycle waste and implement construction resource efficiency. The dedicated  Smartsite website has full details, and training courses on a range of waste management issues.

Pre-demolition and refurbishment audits – these provide detailed information on materials that can be reclaimed and recycled, so reducing the cost and environmental impact of waste disposal, bringing savings from re-using existing materials and earnings from selling those that aren’t needed.

Reducing and managing construction waste – brings cost and environmental benefits, and is important for BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes ratings. We review your current waste levels, help set and implement waste reduction targets, and advise on design specifications, procurement, site management, waste management options and selecting contractors. For a summary of this, visit our sustainable construction methods overview.

Company waste strategies – provide a framework for better waste management and align with environmental management systems such as ISO 4001. We work with organisations (such as Gentoo and M&S) to produce tailor-made waste reduction and resource management strategies.

Household and commercial waste – many local authorities have waste storage and collection requirements for developments – as do BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes – aiming to divert waste from landfill. We can help customers design strategies and set household and commercial waste requirements.

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