Our core services are divided into the three principal areas:

Developing sustainability strategies – our support at strategic policy and project levels ensures that corporate goals are well defined, practicable and clearly communicated to staff, shareholders and customers.

Carbon management – smaller carbon footprints and energy costs can be achieved through a combination of energy efficiency measures, the use of energy from renewable and low carbon sources, and – when these measures have been taken as far as is economically viable  – carbon offsetting. We have long experience and state-of-the-art expertise in these areas.

Property management – our expertise in building technologies, environmental assessment and best practice allow us to help you focus on critical aspects of sustainable property management, including procurement, energy and water use, materials, biodiversity and travel. We also conduct post occupancy evaluations to monitor and improve the performance of buildings.

Some organisations have aspirations to become sustainability leaders, whilst others are looking for regulation compliance or cost reduction. Our bespoke service means that whatever stage of the process your organisation is at, we can adapt our approach to your needs.

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