The BRE Group offers unique energy advisory services, encompassing strategic and commercial support, carbon  and energy management programmes through to regulatory and policy guidance, for government and major public and private sector clients worldwide.

Our experts apply intelligent business systems, research and creative thinking to harness innovative solutions and drive change in any sustainable energy and construction project.

We advise on all aspects of energy technology, design and management for buildings and building services, including renewable energy solutions. We provide training in energy and environmental management and on managing energy related programmes.

We are a leader in energy management system and philosophies and help organisations to manage their energy, implement energy management systems including ISO50001 and change their organisations approach to energy.

We set world leading sustainability performance targets which push the boundaries of conventional design to deliver outstanding sustainable developments. Our comprehensive range of design tools and calculators help shape sustainable policy making, development design, implementation and tracking at every project stage, from the detailed component level through to building and community design.

We have a successful track record of customising our tools to the specific requirements of our clients, ranging from global banks, retailers, car manufacturers and major developers, governments and green building councils across the world.

Our world class knowledge of building technology and networks for commercial, industrial and public organisations ensures that the solutions we offer are practical and provide the lowest whole life costs.

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