Awareness training

An Introduction to Flood Protection and Flood Prevention

While around 6 million properties in the UK are at risk of flooding, only around 20,000 of these properties have adequate resilience measures to help to protect the occupants and minimise damage to the property.

To help building owners and asset managers better understand their risk, and what potential action to take, the BRE Centre for Resilience has developed online awareness training. This provides information around the risks and preventative measures to make properties or estates more resilient. This is available here:

Training and certification

BRE Certification Scheme for Independent Flood Resilience Surveyors and supporting training

A key outcome from the DEFRA led Property Flood Resilience Action Plan was the requirement for standards, certifications and skills to provide reassurance that work has been done correctly and to a high standard.

To support this outcome, the BRE Centre for Resilience have created a training course which addresses the fundamentals of flood resilience surveying, assessing flood risk and the specification of mitigation measures. This is available here:

Flood training
Visit the BRE Academy for flood courses

Following completion of the training, there is the opportunity to become a BRE Certified Independent Flood Resilience Surveyor. Apply now.

You can search for a Flood Resilience Surveyor here, on our GreenBook live listings page:


Property Flood Resilience Action Plan: how it will influence the construction industry

In this webinar the leader of the independent review that originated the report and BRE’s former CEO Dr Peter Bonfield OBE speaks about the practical outcomes of the report, and how these outcomes are going to affect the construction industry in years to come.

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How Resilient Design Will Change How We Repair and Build Homes

This webinar will describe the challenges and reveal the solutions of the Flood Resistant Demonstration House and provide an insight of the learning that will inform future refurbishment and building practices.

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Product testing and verification

BRE Verification Scheme for Flood Resilience Products

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