Recent Projects

The Dementia Friendly Home

As part of the BRE Innovation park at Watford, a demonstration home has been modified to showcase how various housing adaptations can make a home more suitable for those living with dementia. The building has been designed using principles that are geared towards helping them to live in their own home for longer, thus dramatically improving quality of life and reducing the cost of care. To read more about the dementia friendly house project, click here.

The Design of Chris and Sally’s House.
Image courtesy of Halsall Lloyd Partnership

Dementia Friendly Home Assessment Methodology

With support from the BRE Trust, an assessment methodology is currently being developed to measure and guide home adaptations for people living with dementia. It is believed this will lead to greater efficiencies in the delivery of home adaptations for dementia and lead to greater levels of consistency in the refurbishment approach. This in turn will allow people to live independently for longer, reducing the pressure on the health and social care systems.